Food processing, beer and beverage, CIP-HD equipment

CIP/HD series of anolyte/catholyte generators have beed designed to address multiple applications where customers need first to wash and/or degrease either surfaces, premises, equipment or tools and than disinfect.

The multiple applications imply use of anolyte for disinfection and catholyte as a washing fluid. Therefore there is a distinct need in the food processing, beer and beverage industries for the generators capable to produce both Anolyte and Catholyte on spot and on demand at a required volume and of required strength.

CIP/HD series of anolyte/catholyte generators is a further development of our standard Envirolyte CIP generators and are ideally suited to food processing or hospitality markets (hotels, schools, government facilities, military bases, prisons, cruise ships, janitorial services, etc.).

These generators are easy to install, operate and maintain and are the ideal solution when safety and cost are a concern.

The generators are a significant step forward in anolyte/catholyte production technology and are characterized by:

  • Minimal Maintenance
  • State of the art reactor cell technology, with a prolonged operational life improving the generator performance dramatically.
  •  Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  • On demand solutions
  • Highly effective eco-friendly ECA solutions
  • Anolyte 500 ppm - 3000 ppm FAC with the option for pH regulation in the range pH ~5-7.5. Higher FAC ppm concentrtations are possible up to 6000 ppm.
  • Catholyte 1000 ppm - 3000 ppm NaOH at pH >12 ,5-13
  • Separated Anolyte and Catholyte reactor cell technology
  • Less complicated
  • Extremely low waste generation, less than 0,5% of device capacity
  • Easy anolytre production with a generator that is factory set to customer needs and specification
  • Simplified installation and operation
  • High quality components, European standards
  • Low Salt / Chloride technology that protects our customer’s corrosion concerns.
  • Easy to use interface, ensuring that the solutions are always within their specified parameters and are producing consistent quality Anolyte and Catholyte.
  • Equipped with remote monitoring for peace of mind. (GSM or Ethernet)

Therefore , all above listed specifications position CIP/HD generators as a perfect source of washing and disinfecting flluids in any industry where both Anolyte and Catholyte solutions are required for effective cleaning and sanitizing operations.

What is the difference between standard CIP and CIP/HD generators?

Both type of generators, CIP and CIP/HD, have two independent production platforms to generate the fluids either independently or simultaneously.

However, in CIP generators the fluids are produced with precisely preset parameters of HCLO/NaOH such as ppm concentration, pH and salt/chlorides residual (please refer to for details), all with the purpose to provide for high efficacy and avoid any risk of corrosion when doing CIP. Therefore the use of CIP generators is generally limited to CIP operations only.

In CIP/HD the above mentioned parameters of anolyte/catholyte may vary, i. e. the fluids may be stronger, what allows to address the most difficult washing and disinfection cases in many industries.

For instruction details or applications please send Your enquiry

Please specify what HCLO in anolyte and NaOH ppm concentration in catholyte and LPH output you are looking for.