We want the hospitality industry to look further than just “trying green” and embrace a whole new philosophy associated with the terminology of eco solutions and environmental responsibility. In order to achieve that Envirolyte anolyte is used for a variety of applications in hotels to provide clean and microbial-free water, environments and facilities.

The anolyte biocide can be used in hot and cold water, open or closed systems. It is a highly efficient, versatile and cost effective way to maintain health and hygiene standards throughout a hotel and in a way which is demonstrably environmentally sensitive.


What is this new philosophy?

The ability of the hospitality industry to adapt to innovative end-to-end, environmentally friendly solutions that enable the complete facility to diminish the use of harmful chemicals across all applications, from water treatment to in-house cleaning, without increasing costs or changing process design.

By “end-to-end” we mean applications across the whole facility, from the treatment of incoming potable drinking water and the expelled waste effluent water, to chemical-free solutions in housekeeping, kitchens, restaurants, conference centers, laundry, swimming pools and change rooms. In the past hotels saw fit to market the fact that they were being environmentally conscious by just changing a few token products or processes and procedures. One of the primary reasons why this change merely scratched the surface is because “going green” is not a cheap exercise. Environmentally friendly products or solutions are often extremely expensive, and if the cost is not passed on to the consumer, hotel groups experience too much pressure on the bottom line. In simple terms “going green” is not affordable, and therefore companies skimp on complete solutions. By combining the powerful forces of science and nature, Envirolyte has managed to provide a complete, environmentally friendly solution which replaces multiple products and applications on site.

How is that possible?

The Envirolyte solution is the result of advanced engineering which produces two unequalled products developed from the electrolysis of water and salt on your facility site. Envirolyte systems splits water and activates the solutions into an oxidant stream for disinfecting and sanitizing applications (anolyte), whilst the antioxidant stream is used for cleaning and degreasing in housekeeping and laundry (catholyte/degreaser). These products can replace up to 80% of the existing chemicals purchased for operation of the whole hospitality facility. Due to the product’s water concentration there is no detergent residue left behind on surfaces, as we have seen with old chemicals in the past. Residue is a breeding ground for dirt and germs.

The product is made up of 99,69% water. It can be ingested or dispersed into the environment, has no harmful effects on humans or the earth, and yet still acts as a world-leading virus and bacteria killer.

Areas of application


Staff typically needs to transport at least seven or eight chemicals and various tools to each unit. Since the introduction of the Envirolyte solutions this has been reduced to three easy-to-carry products, along with the latest in advanced cleaning hardware.


Disinfection of any incoming potable and outgoing effluent water without the use of harmful chemicals.



In-house laundry can also make use of Envirolyte products to replace several chemicals, like dangerous stain-removal and bleaching products. Staff no longer needs to be exposed to these hazardous substances. Envirolyte also compliments existing washing powders to reduce volume and cost.

Kitchens / Food preparation

Envirolyte products can be used for complete general degreasing and provide a high care level of sterilizing all surfaces, appliances and hands. Envirolyte has food-safe accreditation, and is even used on food to improve the shelf life and freshness of produce ranging from meats to vegetables and fruit. The degreaser can be added to natural oil-based products to produce a heavy-duty degreasing solution.

Other applications

  • Replace chlorine in Jacuzzis and small pools
  • Disinfect saunas
  • Flush filter systems to improve filtration and media life
  • Improve animal health with water treatment and oral applications
  • Replace alcohol sanitization in spas
  • Improve hygiene and odor in gyms
  • Disinfect play areas and toys
  • Sanitize and degrease air conditioners
  • Manage moss and fungi growth
  • Degrease braai grids
  • Disinfect and manage odors in refuse areas
  • Improve irrigation water and encourage botanical growth



Envirolyte anolyte generators installed in some hotels in South Africa and Italy for different applications listed on this page


Envirolyte EL-400 anolyte generator installed in ecologic 100 rooms Hotel UTHGRA Los Cocos in Cordoba Province, Argentina. Anolyte is used for treatment of portable water, disinfection of kitchen, bathrooms, guest rooms and dining room. Also disinfection of irrigation water in the garden and effluent treatment. In 2016 the hotel was awarded a special prize in hotel sustainability.



We are finding new benefits with existing clients on a daily basis. To date the major benefits enjoyed include the following:

  • The product is manufactured on site and managed by us, which means:

- no purchase orders

- no ordering or receiving of chemical stock

- if you need more product, you manufacture it at no increased cost

- resource/staff time saving

- no pilferage

  • The ability to market that your facility as an Eco environment – guests are eating, sleeping and bathing in chemical-free environments
  • Food is being prepared with minimal chemical exposure
  • Certified potable water treated with a natural chlorine-like acting substance
  • Hospital-level hygiene standards can be achieved
  • One supplier of all peripherals (mops, dispensing units etc.)
  • Improved food quality, freshness and safety
  • Continuous in-house training and development
  • No detergent residue like that caused by traditional chemical use
  • Powerful remover of unpleasant odors in dumping and waste areas
  • World-class service level agreement (SLA)

We have also enabled clients to develop a personalized brand of the product to hand out to guests as giveaways. This mostly consists of personal hand sterilizers and mouthwash.