Cells for Electrolysis









Unique design for a wide range of markets






 R-20 or ~20LPH

 R-40 or ~40LPH

 R-90 or ~90LPH

 R-120 or ~120LPH






R-200 or ~200LPH

R-300 or ~300LPH

R-400S or ~400LPH

R-600 or ~600LPH






R-1000 or ~1000LPH

R-1200S or ~1200LPH

R-1750 or ~1750LPH

R-3500 or ~3500LPH



Output capacity of cells is indicated in terms of ANK-Neutral Anolyte with 500 ppm of active chlorine concentration ONLY or Acidic Anolyte (~500 ppm) and Catholyte ONLY at regulared ratio.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Output capacity of each individual cell can vary depending on the demand for active chlorine concentration and parameters (pH and ORP) of Anolyte.